What Small-Business Owners Should Know About Audits

Scared by the prospect of an audit? This tax expert breaks down the various types of audits and the factors that may put you at risk. The prospect of an audit is one of the most dreaded experiences any business owner may face. Audits can be a considerable time drain on owners and staff, cost […]

Frequently Overlooked Tax Deductions and Credits for Small Businesses

Don’t pay more on your taxes this year than you have to. This tax expert reveals the business write-offs you shouldn’t miss. Almost every cost in your business can be written off as a deduction or tax credit, but many small-business owners still don’t do this. This can result in paying more in taxes than […]

6 Key Ways Obama’s Budget Proposal Would Affect Small Business

President Obama’s 2016 budget proposal seems focused on helping middle-class families pay for education and get ahead financially. But it also offers up several measures specifically targeted at small businesses. The president now has the challenge of convincing a Republican-controlled House and Senate to support his proposals. Some experts say that Republican leaders seem likely […]

Understanding Common Small-Business Tax Mistakes

There are two main reason small businesses make tax mistakes, and fortunately, both are preventable. Find out what they are so you can avoid these legal landmines. Small-business owners can get into trouble with their business taxes for a number of reasons. But the main culprits may not be what you think. You might be […]

What You Should Know When the IRS Comes Calling

If you missed or shorted a tax payment and now have a tax agency breathing down your neck, here’s how to handle the situation with minimal anxiety. Many small-business owners can get in trouble with the IRS or state taxation departments for not paying their income, payroll, sales or use taxes. I still remember the […]

Lessons From Celebrity Financial Mistakes

When “Game of Thrones” actress Lena Headey​ got divorced, she had less than $5 in her bank account and had to rely on credit cards to support herself and her young son, she said in court filings that were obtained by TMZ and ​E! News. Given that she’s a top-tier actress starring in a hit […]

What the Affordable Care Act Means for You

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has ushered in the most sweeping regulatory changes to the U.S. health care system since Medicare and Medicaid were passed about 50 years ago. It raises a full range of health care issues, and will continue to do so as provisions take effect through 2020. However, along with potentially increasing […]

What’s so Great about CPAs?

You may not have asked yourself that question in so many words, but you may have wondered what sets CPAs apart from other financial professionals. The answer in short: A lot. We typically begin our careers with years of college and graduate education. To become licensed, we must take the demanding Uniform CPA Examination, which […]

We Can Help You Address the Issues that Keep You Up at Night

Where will your business be in five years? Would strategic budget cuts in some areas improve your company’s health? Are there ways you can boost revenue? If you’re nearing retirement, is there a buyer or successor in the wings? These are the kinds of questions that keep many business owners up at night. Fortunately, as […]